The 7 Laws of Attraction

The 7 Laws of Attraction are given a lot of attention these days…and for a good reason; they work.  They can put more of what you want into your life, when used properly.

These laws are part of the Law of Attraction which proposes that whatever you are putting out into the universe is what you attract to yourself.  Another way to look at it is… like attracts like.  If you are a positive person, then you will attract positive things into your life.  The opposite is also true.  If you are negative, then you will attract negative things. 

People use these 7 laws of attraction in many ways, such as to help increase their wealth, find new careers, improve their health, and relationships.  They say there is no limit to what you can experience in life when you follow these…

7 Laws of Attraction Techniques


In order for you to attract what you want, you have to want it.  That sounds basic, yet many people simply do not know what they want… or they don’t desire it badly enough.  Your desire needs to be unwavering and intense.


Affirmations are short statements written in the present tense such as… “I can” or “I am.” They can help get rid of your doubts…while turning negative self-talk into positive and affirming self-talk and thoughts.  An important part in using the laws is that you must have a positive mindset.

 Right Action

Without action, there will be no results.  Inherent in the Law of Attraction is that by means of your desires, you find that you are more attuned to opportunities.   You see your desires as reality.  Therefore, when such opportunities arise, they must be seized and acted upon.

By taking right actions, you will be able to turn desires into reality. The Law does not work simply by thinking about something or setting intentions.


Your desires and intentions are what will allow your desires to manifest into your life.   Manifestation begins when you start identifying what you desire.  Then, your intentions are directed so that you will attract those desires into your life.  When your intentions are clearly presented, they will be evident. 


Clearly, you need to focus on your desires so that your thoughts can allow your desires to manifest.  Focusing on one thing single mindedly helps you to focus more intently.  Your focus needs to be done in a confident fashion.  Be confident that what you are visualizing will come true. Without confidence, your will find that no amount of intention, desire or visualization will manifest your wishes. 


Gratitude means that you live your life as a gift to be received gratefully.  All too often we complain about what we do not have rather than being grateful for all that we do have.

Benefitting from the law depends on your having a proper attitude and mindset about what you already have.  If we don’t live in gratitude, we lack the proper mindset to receive more.


The last of the laws is belief.  Have a profound belief that the Law of Attraction will work for you.  Believe intensely that it will work.  Do not send out vibrations of doubt. Open up your belief so that you can receive  that which you are asking.

When followed correctly, these laws can be your stepping-stones toward improving your life.  You can use them for more money, a new car, finding the perfect job, or improving your health.  You have been given great control of your own destiny.  The 7 Laws of Attraction is a path to a better and happier life.

The Law of Attraction

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