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No doubt, you probably have many great stories and ideas around some of the articles I've written here. I would really love to know your thoughts about some things.  Here is a place where you can write your own ideas, share your own stories.

Personal Development On The Web was created to share those things which I discovered and which continue to hold me in good stead as I travel life's highways.

I know you must have discovered some empowering techniques along your life’s highways.  Won’t you please share them here so that we can benefit from your discoveries?  We are all better through the power of sharing.

Do you feel that your life is plentiful or do you feel you live in lack? 

How does spirituality affect your life or others around you? 

Have you ever struggled with self-confidence…have you overcome it…how did you do it? 

Your answers, stories or ideas around either of those questions might inspire, motivate or change the life of others.

Here are some of our popular and most viewed topics around those questions.  Do you have a favorite story or idea on any of these …is there something more you wish I would have included?  If yes, what is it?   What would you have added? Tell us about it. 

Your information will appear right here on this site. Our readers will benefit from your stories and ideas just as they have from many of the articles I’ve written.

You can invite your friends, family, and colleagues to read your story right here.  I look forward to reading your stories, insights and ideas.

Here are the topics.  Take a look.  Click on the one that speaks to you.  Then use the space provided to add your own personal story.  You can even upload a photo!

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