The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a topic that has been receiving a lot of attention recently.  However, with so much information floating around...much of it contradicting, it is hard to get a firm grasp of the concept.  Simply put, it is a way to live your life, and to help you manifest the things that you want.

Most articles on this topic simply deal with the end to get what you want. They skim over the other benefits.  Part of the Law is a positive attitude. Whose life is not vastly improved by shedding a negative thinking habit and turning their thoughts into a positive trend?  But first, the basics. 

What is this Secret Law of Attraction?

It is centered on the premise that like attracts like.  What you are thinking about is what you bring into your life.  Thoughts are energy.When you are focusing on puts out energy vibrations. That energy will attract energy similar to what you are putting out.  Your focus determines your results.

When you hold in your mind that you have more bills than money, your focus is on your bills and your debt instead of on money.

This is a double-edged sword because you can also attract the things that you do not want. This is why many people say that the Law does not work. In actuality...they were not in the right frame of mind to apply it correctly.  For example, if you are trying to manifest money -  it is easy to focus on your lack of money. 

When you hold in your mind that you have more bills than money...your focus is on your bills and your debt instead of on money.  You need to focus on the positive... money, instead of the negative, bills.   This often requires a total overhaul of your mindset. The benefits of doing so will change your life.

Negative No More

Have you noticed how people who have a negative demeanor seem to attract other people who are negative...and how happy people tend to gravitate towards other happy people?  Here is another example: if you run out to the store with a frown on your will find that you will not get many, if any, smiles from people.  Your frown will very likely get you nothing but stony faces or even a returned frown.   Now, go out wearing a smile. You will find that you get smiles in return.

This is an example of the Law of Attraction, simplified.  What you put out in the get back.  A negative mindset will only bring more things that are negative into your life.  If you have a positive mindset, then you will bring more positives into your life. That is precisely what you want.  Shedding a negative mindset helps you manifest more of what you want and less of what you do not want.

Monitor your thoughts closely. When you realize that you are having a negative thought, put the brakes on it.  When you take a negative thought and change it to  positive, that is called reframing.  When you do this constantly...after a while it will become a habit. You will have successfully changed your mindset towards always being positive.  You will attract positive things into your life. Moreover, You'll be applying the law of attraction!

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