What Is Your Achievement?

We all want to experience achievement and fulfill that seemingly elusive dream. In today's world, there are a variety of opportunities to make those goals realistic. Whether you have aspirations to work as an actor or an artist, run your own Fortune 500 Company, or invent the next innovative product…

…  you just may be able to reach your achievements with a little hard work, determination, and some positive thinking.

First off, I have found that it is definitely important to have a backup plan in place, a winning attitude and a belief in yourself. That will help you go far in achieving your dreams.  Secondly, by mapping out your specific goals and making a commitment to them, you definitely have a realistic chance at success.

What it Takes to Be a Winner...

In the words of Vince Lombardi, "Winning is not a sometime thing, it's an all time thing." This is very true. To be a winner in life, you have to believe for the most part that you are destined for success.

That doesn’t mean having an overinflated sense of confidence or a competitive streak.  No, that drives people away.  It simply means believing in yourself and your ability to achieve - no matter what.

We all have setbacks in life that can damage our self-esteem and make us feel like giving up. But if you look at a handful of influential people in our world, whether famous performers, scientists, or even the President of the United States -  the one commonality they share is that giving up is not an option… ever.

This is not to say that with a winning attitude and positive thinking you will gain instant success. It simply means there’s a belief deep down inside that you are capable of reaching your goals.

 You are encouraged to never give up…no matter what the circumstances.

Believe in Yourself...

No matter what your life goal may be, the most important thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities. Don't give up after a few setbacks. Keep in mind that you can always pursue a different course of fulfillment if you decide later on that you are better suited for another path. The key is knowing the only roadblock is your own doubt. When you believe in yourself, amazing things can happen.

Your Emergency Chord...

While the ultimate goal fulfillment is achievement of your lifelong dream, there are certain times when you’ll need a backup plan. Everybody needs a backup plan.  Having a backup plan does not mean giving up on your ultimate goal. It’s just a safety net that you can use when things are not moving along as quickly as you had hoped.

Plan A is obviously your ultimate goal for your life. Never forget plan A…no matter what.

Plan B should consist of something you could do "just in case," or if life circumstances are slowing down your process. If at all possible, try to create your Plan B in a way that can potentially complement your Plan A.

 For instance, if you are pursuing a career in acting or theater and have been pounding the pavement for some time without landing any steady work, you may consider working as an acting or theater teacher. This way you will still be pursuing your dream...and at the same time, making money.  You'll be gaining even more experience for when your big break comes.

I believe you should always good to have a Plan C as well.  This should be a career or life path that you could be happy with if you have reached the point where you are simply ready to move on from your goal. While Plan C is always good to have, it should be your last resort after truly giving it your all.

You do not have to go it alone...

I cannot stress enough …the most important step to achievement is belief in yourself.  Then, you must find help if you need it.  In this case, a life coach or mentor could be your saving grace.

Everybody needs a strong support system and reinforcing positive feedback. It is the food necessary for good mental health and personal growth.

If you ever think giving up hope seems a viable option and you recognize you can’t do it alone, that’s when you call for a little help.   There is no reason you should have to go it alone.

A life coach restores hope with resources you may have never considered. The defining ability a life coach offers for helping you achieve is an optimal support system.

Having someone to guide you back into the right lane can be a saving grace as you pursue your life's achievements.

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