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Healthy relationships are important in life.  You might say, that’s pretty much what life is all about.  Whether they are family, romantic, friendships, or working relationships… they are essential, and bring much joy to life.  

Personally, I focus on building relationships based on love, truth and respect.  I find myself continuously looking for ways to make my relationships better.  What about you?  How are your relationships?

 Most likely, you’ll have four principal relationships in your life.  Love, family, friendship, and work relations.  While all three have separate characteristics, the commonality in each is that it takes work to maintain them.

 In love relationships, there is a mutual attraction between two people. Even with attraction… a successful loving relationship requires patience, understanding, and proper communication in order to thrive. Keeping those you love happy is a significant goal.

Friendships are also based on a mutual attraction to one another. Successful friendships and family relationships thrive when communication and respect flows naturally within the interactions. 

Work relationships are a bit different in the sense that in a work environment people are brought together for a common goal. Some may appear to be purely on a surface level.  However, many lifelong friendships and romantic partnerships begin with platonic, surface working contacts.

Although there are different types of relationships… every single one is important.  Each is worth cultivating, no matter how insignificant one may seem.  Whether it is family, friendship, work, romantic, or a simple acquaintance… each should be approached in a matter of mutual respect and consideration.

Healthy relationships should make you feel whole and content.  You should feel safe and secure with the other person or people with whom you are connected.   On the other hand, if you are constantly feeling drained or unhappy in certain interactions - it is best to move on.  Moving on will allow you to form healthy relationships with like-minded individuals.

It is important to keep in mind that not all relationships are perfect.  Many require hard work and determination.  If a relationship is challenging, that does not mean that you should simply give up.  Many times all you need is to reexamine your communication skills.

Look for new ways to strengthen your connections.  You will find that your interactions with others are harmonious and positive.

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