Communicating In Marriage for A Deeper Bond

Communicating in marriage is the foundation for a deep lifelong bond.  The more solid the communication, the deeper the lifelong bond will be... 

Of course, communication is important in all relationships.  It is especially so in marriages.  Good communication in a marriage helps it grow, strengthen and thrive. It builds a solid foundation of trust and comfort.  It also shows that both people are completely comfortable with one another and are open to becoming vulnerable when needed. 

This kind of healthy communicating in marriage provides a solid and loving relationship, as well as a bond that can never be broken. 

Marriage conflict can cause a variety of deep emotions between two people. This is why arguments can become heated at times.  When deep emotions come to the surface, they can be hard to control. 

However, if you and your partner can commit to remaining open when it comes to communication... you can create a loving and trusting world where you can rely on one another when times get tough and conflict ensues.

Here are some tips that can help you generate healthy communication in marriage:

Love each other no matter what. Make the decision that being loved and giving love is much more important than being right. If you're willing to bow out in an argument, you can bring down the marriage conflict during these intense situations without having them turn into a major brawl.

Be aware of the warning signs of an impending argument. If you notice that you are raising your voice or have the urge to say hurtful things to your spouse, take a few moments to breathe and count to ten. Take your own responsibility in the matter instead of completely blaming your spouse. 

Consider what you can do in order to reach a middle ground.   Once you have cooled off, apologize for your part in the argument.   Follow up by truthfully communicating your feelings in a calm fashion. 

Be willing to compromise.  You can improve marriage communication by finding a middle ground.  The next time you and your spouse find yourself in disagreement, take a few breaths… discuss how both of you can get what you need out of the situation.  This creates a winning compromise for both when communicating in marriage. This can help save your marriage, and even strengthen your relationship. 

Practice effective listening.  Nine times out of ten, marital arguments are escalated by one partner not listening to the other.  When your partner has something to say… take the time to listen without interruption.  Ask the same of your partner as well.

 Effective listening gives each spouse the chance to voice their concerns. Without interruption, you will both be heard. It also helps to occasionally repeat what you just heard back to the other. This shows that you understood what was said... and that you are taking the time to truly hear what they have to say.  It also allows your spouse to clarify anything you may have heard incorrectly. 

Finally, take the difficult conversations and look at them as opportunities for improving communication in your marriage.  Every couple has arguments, it is perfectly natural.  However, in order to build a stronger bond and maintain a healthy relationship, communicating in marriage is of the utmost importance.

By taking some simple steps like effective listening and being open to compromise, you will find that your marriage conflicts occur less frequently.  Your marriage grows stronger.

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