Self-Empowerment Through Goal Setting

If you are struggling with self-empowerment, you are not alone…

I understand.   I've been there too.  Many people struggle everyday trying to improve their life in some way.   Whether it’s changing careers to something more fulfilling, getting into shape or even breaking a nasty habit…we can all make positive improvements.

An important key is to make an effort and do the work to make these changes. Nothing will happen by itself. And no one will do all the work for you.

Self-Empowerment is Possible…

The good news is, however, that you can set some goals for making positive changes.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. In fact, what you learn about yourself along the way can be just as important as meeting the goal itself.  And, this is where self-empowerment becomes important.

Start taking control of your life by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Then…acting on that knowledge, try to find ways to improve yourself. That should not be too complicated. It simply means asking the question: ‘how do I start the empowerment process?’ Setting and achieving goals is the way to start.

Goal Setting Is Important…

Specifically, set up some goals around the process. This is a powerful key to self-empowerment.  Then, go about achieving some outcomes.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting big, bold goals that sound impressive.  Start by making them small and realistic. For example, instead of setting your outcome to become a millionaire in five years, make it to increase your net worth by x percent.

Write out the steps to achieving your outcomes. This is important.  Few people take the time to do it. If your plan is to lose 20 pounds, then you need to figure out how. Then, create steps that are manageable.  Start by going to the gym two nights a week. Talk to a nutritionist about changing your diet. These are concrete, actionable steps you can take now.

Another important thing to do is to set deadlines. Give yourself a realistic time-frame.  Without deadlines, chances are you won’t meet your goal. Imagine a teacher assigning homework with no deadline. How many students would complete it? Make sure your time-frame is realistic.

Be Empowered

Expand yourself in new and enabling ways.  Spend some time looking for ways to empower yourself. Read motivating stories of others. Learn from those who have been in your situation before. It just takes a few minutes out of your day to find something positive to read about how you can improve your life. Make that your first goal!

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