Alter Your Life Course with The Law of Attraction

When I think of the Law of Attraction…one thought that keeps coming back to my mind over and over again is that of a statement that a friend made to me several years ago.  I still remember it as fresh as if it were yesterday.  She said, “When you pray, pray as if you have already received what you are praying for.”

I look at that as a modified version of Believe and Receive. It also brings to mind that… as I focus on having an object or a desired state of affairs…I am drawing them to me like a magnet.

I wish that I could say the Law of Attraction is as simple as that.  But it is not that simple.  Nor do I get everything that I pray for. However, I do believe that both those perceptions are about what you attract affects what you receive.  And…I do strongly believe that. 

Expect Positive Change with The Law of Attraction 

Once you begin living within the Law of Attraction, you can expect to alter your life’s path in a way like you have not experienced before.

You’ll begin to look at things differently.  Those things that used to seem so important to you no longer hold that same value… because you realize that they are not essential to your success.  

As you read this, you’re probably thinking “I’m not so sure I’m ready to give up things that I already have.  Have no worry, what you give up is one of the best features of the Law.  That is why you must “give up” in order to set the Law in motion in your life.

Think about what it will be like when you leave certain things behind.  For example, now that you’ve moved from a job to a career… you’re excited about learning everything you need to know to move forward in your career.

You find yourself spending more time with people who share your mindset and interests. They have a positive and optimistic outlook about life…they enjoy healthy activities like sports or yoga.  As you look around you begin to realize that you have no time or interest in hanging around the old crying-in-their-beer negative crowd.

At the end of the day, you find that you don’t return home feeling upset and listless.  Seemingly without any effort, what you’ve given up…changes about how you see yourself and how you choose to use your time… have brought about positive transformations in your life.

Perhaps you’ve even lost weight, become more sprightly and your stress levels are reduced.  You are making the best use of the positives about yourself, and you like what you see. 

Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

It’s no small wonder you’re attracting people who value positive energy – just as you do - into your circle of friends.  With these small steps, you are on your way to experiencing that the Law of Attraction really works.  You can now get a bit more courageous in taking charge of your life.

By continuing to put your positive energy out to the universe, you will also be sharing a wonderful concept with others. Each time you put the Law into action, you’ll see the trickle-down effect.

Positive energy attracts more positive energy - and that can alter your course in life and those around you.  You begin to realize it’s not necessary to hold onto old things that undermine your success. Embrace that positive mindset, take on an encouraging attitude…and watch how your life’s course is being changed in a self-empowering way!

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