Time Tested Goal Setting and
Motivation Strategies

Part 2 of 2

Goal setting and motivation are key components of personal development.  Here is a trick for helping you stay motivated while working toward your objectives.  When writing your goals…write all of them as “I” statements.  For example, “I will attend culinary school.”

List your goals…then put them down in order. Priority number 1 should be those with the shortest time frame. For example, “I will attend culinary school.”  You can have this goal listed as priority number 1, and to be accomplished in a month.  Then list priority number 2, and so on.

Remember to use “I statements. This helps you stay motivated.  It also gives you a greater sense of responsibility and desire.  You’ll look at your list and think, “That is something that I really want to do!”

Motivation is where most people falter...

Some goals take longer to achieve than others.  That can make it more challenging to stay inspired.  Staying motivated is largely a mindset that you choose. If you lack it, change your thinking and be enthused once again. 

Split up the bigger goals.  One of the reasons for splitting them into smaller ones is because…it is easier to stay motivated as you accomplish your objectives.   When there is a long gap in between goal accomplishments, your enthusiasm can begin to fade. Each one you can cross off your list will only motivate you more.

You are the only person who can motivate you.

You can go to others for advice and to talk. But, you cannot rely on anybody else to provide your motivation.  You need to want to achieve your goals for yourself.  After all, they are yours. If you want them bad enough, you will be driven.

When you find yourself lacking the inner-force to move on, refer to your list.  Begin recalling why you put those goals down in the first place. What was your reason for listing them?  More than likely it was because they are important to you.  Every now and then, just taking the time to remember “why” they were important is enough to kick-start your motivation again. 

Take a few deep breaths… close your eyes and imagine yourself completing that goal.  Visualize its completion.  Feel how happy and accomplished you are. That feeling will help keep you encouraged. 

Setting goals is a good way to keep yourself grounded in reality… and to stay on track for having the life that you want.  Keeping them in mind will help you remain driven toward reaching your objectives.  Just remember, goal setting and motivation go hand in hand.  Stay motivated and make your dreams a reality!

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