How To Have Prosperity

Are you puzzled about how to have prosperity? ...

Chances are, you fully understand how to practice good health and fitness principles.  If I asked you to tell me what those principles are… you could probably click them off without any hesitation.  But, why can’t you do the same for prosperity?

It is not as difficult as you may think.  The same principles that you apply to achieve your health or fitness goals can be applied to fulfill other goals and desires, including prosperity.  You can even apply it to money.  Those same practices and principles are the ones that nature uses to create your reality of material things - out of non-material substances.

Everything you see, touch, hear, taste, or smell is made from the same material and comes from the same source. That includes prosperity.  I’d like you to think about that statement for a moment. Try to fully grasp an understanding of what that means to you. 

Once you are able to grasp understanding of that fact, you are going to experience one of the biggest AHA’s of your life!  That is when you will understand how to have prosperity. It is then that you will know that you have the ability to achieve the prosperity you long for.  You can get those material things that you want, experience fulfillment, joy and happiness to the extent you crave.

You, I and everyone else are made up of energy...just like everything else in the universe, including cars, computers or carousels. In order to have prosperity in your life, you have to direct the information that is within your inner system to line up with the information you want to have or be.

The Difference is in the matter...

For example, the minutest elements of coal and diamonds are exactly the same. They are called particles, but they are not material things. They are impulses of energy and information.   It is the arrangement and amount of impulses of energy and information of those particles which make coal and diamonds different.

All material substance is made up of particles.  That includes diamonds, coal AND cold hard cash.  It also includes our human bodies.

Things Must Be Set In Motion...

“Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” This quote seems to illustrate that some activity has to happen at a deeper level for coal to become a diamond. That applies to you also. You either have to set things in motion, at a deeper level, toward some outcome or you’ll get stuck in one place. You can set your energy in motion toward a positive or negative outcome.

You’ll get positive or negative results based on the activity of your energy.  A positive mental attitude produces a positive impact on how you perceive and live your life. Thinking positively helps you consider what is possible for you in your life.

A prosperity mentality certainly embraces positive energy and attitude. But, it also goes beyond that. You must also consistently think of your world in terms of plenty.  You must have that kind of energy within that pushes you to accomplish your goals and reach your desired outcomes.  As you do, you can begin to understand how to have prosperity in your life.  Your thinking is expanded to receive empowering positive energy.

That kind of thinking will eliminate small thinking and offset negative energy. It can mean the difference between success and failure, excellence and mediocrity, and prosperity and despair.


Believe there is enough stuff for everybody. A prosperity mentality recognizes unlimited possibilities. It is an understanding that your needs and desires are easily met. You can know how to have prosperity, joy, health, and happiness every moment of your life.

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