Self Confidence Hypnosis 

Perhaps you have wondered just how self confidence hypnosis can be of benefit to you. Actually, it has many benefits that can help you… and it is easy to learn... 

Not only will it help you to feel confident, but also because of the relaxation techniques used… you will feel less anxious and more relaxed after every session.  Relaxation helps you clear your mind so that you can enter the trance state.  That is why every hypnosis session begins with relaxation exercises.

Using Audio Files For Self Confidence Hypnosis

I have used both self and guided audio hypnosis for some sessions.  I find both to be beneficial.   If you want to use audio files, which are referred to as guided hypnosis…that is perfectly fine.  There are numerous places online where you can find free audio files, including YouTube.  When you use audio files, you should pick a time and a place to listen to them when you are alone and in an area free from distractions

Wear comfortable clothes and take a comfortable position, such as sitting in a chair, or lying on your back on the bed, couch or even the floor.  If you are not comfortable, that physical discomfort can keep you from entering into the full experience.  Once you are comfortable, begin the audio file and follow along. 

The file will guide you through relaxation and entering the hypnotic state. It will then make suggestions for you to be and to feel more confident.

Self Confidence Hypnosis without Audio Files

The problem with relying on pre-recorded audio files is that although they are designed to improve your confidence, they may not cover your specific insecurities.  When you do the self-hypnosis without using audio files, you have the advantage of being able to script your own positive affirmations. This will target your specific needs and insecurities, giving you a more personal experience.

To put yourself in a hypnotic state, find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.  Make sure that you are comfortable and sitting or lying down in a comfortable spot.  Begin to focus on your breathing. 

This can be challenging at first because you will find that your brain is extremely active.  But as a thought pops up, just acknowledge it... and allow it to pass through, without dwelling on it.  Just focus on every breath you take, feeling your stomach rise and fall as you breathe.

Once you feel relaxed, begin to tell yourself positive affirmations.  Affirmations are short  positive statements that are used to counter your negative self-talk.  They are positive statements that boost your self confidence,  such as “I am confident”, “I am beautiful”, or “I am a fun person to talk to.”  Whatever you doubts are, create an affirmation to counter them. 

"Whatever you doubts are, create an affirmation to counter them..." 

 Whichever self confidence hypnosis method you choose, you should do it twice a day, in the morning and again at night.  In time, you will begin to notice that you are starting to act with more confidence.  You will begin to act just the way your affirmations say you are.

When you use hypnosis to build self confidence, your thoughts will gradually change your actions.    And, it will have helped to erase your negative self-talk… finally!

Building Self Confidence with Hypnosis

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