Time Management Techniques For
Stay At Home Moms

Good time management techniques are critical in all areas of productivity.  If you are a CEO of a fortune 500 company, a working professional, or choose to work at home…you still have to get organized.  While I focus on stay at home moms here, it pertains to all individuals who find themselves in similar situations.

It’s a matter of fact that most stay at home moms often face many challenges every day. It can be really hard to adhere to effective time management techniques because of the many societal roles and obligations placed upon you. However, by practicing good use of your time, you’ll increase your personal success while ensuring that your family receives your very best.

You’ll need to learn to increase your focus on what you set out to do... and handle distractions. 

If you’ve been struggling and bogged down by juggling daily tasks, only to discover at the end of your day you have simply made small accomplishments…then you need to work on your time management skills. You’ll need to learn to increase your focus on what you set out to do - and handle distractions. These tips can help you manage your day more productively:

Rise Up Early and Get Some “Me Time!”

Getting up early is a time management basic. It’s empowering to have at least 30- 60 minutes just for yourself at the start of your day.  Use that as your “Me Time.”  Sip a cup of coffee or whatever you like. Exercising first thing in the morning is a big bonus.  You’ll have more energy throughout the day while enjoying a healthy lifestyle. You might also use some of this time to plan your day.

Manage Incoming Demands

Demands and distractions are inevitable, and you must learn to manage them.  This can be challenging since most demands and distractions come from your children… and must be attended to.  You can ameliorate some of those situations by teaching them what’s important and what’s not and how and when to make requests of you. Also consider giving them some appropriate responsibilities.

Keep a Notebook and Pen Handy

A notebook and pen come in handy when it comes to effective time management. It acts as your memory backup. It’s a waste of good time to try to keep everything in your head.  A notebook helps you get organized.  It is a powerful tool for writing down ideas, plans and those things you will need to recall later.

Time Management Technique "Musts"

Here are two things I feel are “musts” when it comes to managing and controlling your time.  Once you understand and practice these two, everything else seems to fall into place automatically. 

First off, you must prioritize your daily activities.  If you neglect this, you will find that the day has passed and you have not accomplished your most important tasks.  Prioritize your daily roles and set SMART objectives.

Then, you must learn to allocate enough time for each task.  If you neglect this, you might find that one or two tasks may end up taking over your entire day.  Here again, the day will pass with little or no productivity.


Productivity and accountability are important time management techniques for your success.  So…put this information to good use and you will discover that you can increase your productivity to optimal levels.

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