What Do You Want From The Law Of Attraction?

Have you ever wondered why the law of attraction does not seem to be working for you?    Believe it or not, many others wonder about that same issue time and time again.

If you’ve been reading some of my articles or subscribe to my newsletter, you already know the secret is all about using your thoughts for manifesting abundance and getting those things in life you really desire. But, maybe you’re stuck on what types of things you can expect to receive.  So…let’s take a look at that.

Have you ever heard or read about people who suddenly receive a windfall of cash… or wonderful things start to happen to them?  This is attributable to the law of attraction.

When you begin to think in a positive way, good things will come about in your life. Conversely, if you always think about things in a negative way…you will always feel as though bad things are bound to happen to you.

These “things” come in all types of disguises.  They include such things as cash, love, getting a helping hand, life just going right…and more. One of those “things” frequently thought about is the power of love. Can the law help with love? The answer is simply…yes it can!

Now, Believe…

Once you realize that almost anything you ask for could happen, it is time to start taking some actions. Your first step is to actually begin believing. Believe…“something good will happen if I just ask the universe for it.”  Believe it with every part of your being.  Belief is an empowering feeling.  Doubt is defeating.

Let’s face it, if you want to change your life for the better…then start believing. If you don’t believe this with all your heart, then don’t expect anything to happen. Your life will most likely continue on in the same way.

Here are some ideas for what you might want to ask the universe:

  • More money
  • Getting a new job or being promoted
  • Meeting someone new

Do you get the point?  Now create your own list because it needs to be something that you want.:

It is important not to focus on negatives. You may need money to pay your bills.  Don’t focus on the negative aspect of not being able to pay. Instead begin thinking about how your life will improve once you have more money.

Also remember, the law of attraction will work on your deepest thoughts… thoughts that you cannot see or visualize. This is why it is important to start to learn how to visualize positive things.  Picture them as though they are already real and happening in your life.

So put this information to good use. Allow the law of attraction to work for you. Begin realizing your hopes and desires!

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