How the Law of Abundance Can Help You

Part 2 of 2

The Law of Abundance declares that everything you want is already in the universe.  In order to open yourself up to abundance, you must shed the blocks that are keeping you from experiencing it. 

Asset or Enemy?

Your mind can be your biggest asset or your biggest enemy. Get rid of the negative self-talk…and stop thinking that you are not worthy.  Not only are you worthy, but you are deserving of the things that you want.  Those things already exist in the universe.  They are already plentiful…and now they can be yours.

In order to bring something into our lives, such as money, we have to want it.  You are probably saying right now…”Barbara, of course I want money.  Have you gone mad?”  Well, no, I haven’t.  Read on…

There is a way of thinking about wanting money.  Because of how we often think of money - it can be the hardest thing to manifest through the Law of Abundance.  We focus on the lack of money…and on how much we do no not have.  Our mindset about money is often very negative. 

A negative mindset will block the universe from manifesting what you want, whether it’s money, health, or happiness.  You need to switch that mindset to money being a good thing.  Think about what you would do with money and what you would spend it on.  Visualize those things happening.  Invite an abundance of money into your life in order for it to manifest.

When you are attuned towards something, it sends out vibrations.  If you want to receive wealth, focus positively on an abundance of wealth by visualizing how good an abundance of wealth would be.  Visualization is a critical key to manifesting this. Make the visualizations as real as possible. 

For example, if you want good health, focus on what you will do when you are healthy.  See yourself doing the things that you want to do. Feel and experience how much fun you will have when you are healthy.  Keep focusing on what you will do rather than what you cannot do now.  When you do that…you will be opening yourself up to receiving good health.  It already exists in the universe, just as an abundance of wealth exists; you just have to tap into the source to receive it.

Keep It Simple

Learning how to use the Law of Abundance is relatively easy.  The best way is to focus on something that you already have plenty of.  For example, if you are married or have children, you most likely feel an abundance of love for them.  Bask in the good feelings that you get when you are with the people that you love…and feel their love for you flowing back into you.

 Now that you know how it feels to experience abundance, you can use this feeling to help you visualize abundance in other areas.  You have a powerful experience from which to model your visualizations from. 

Another part of abundance mentality is gratitude.  If you are not grateful for what you already have, the universe will not send you more.  Practice being grateful for what you have…and for the people in your life.  An attitude of gratitude is the best type of attitude to have.

The Law of Abundance can and will work for you, if you allow it to.  It requires you to have an abundance mentality that focuses on receiving instead of focusing on what you do not have.

Many people have successfully used the Law of Abundance to bring wealth, happiness, and even good health into their lives and now you can do the same.



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