How the Law of Abundance
Can Help You

Part 1 of 2

We are all subject to the universal laws that govern us.  One of these laws is the Law of Abundance. Many people misunderstand just what this law is about and how to use it to benefit them.  When you think of it, what comes to your mind? 

Many people think of money and so they relate this law  to wealth.  However, it is about more than just money.  It is not limited to money; it can refer to having good health, abounding happiness, or loads of success.  This is one of those universal laws that can, and will, help you in many ways.

According to the Law of Abundance, the universe has unlimited resources.  This source is unlimited and anything and everything that we could possibly want or need already exists.  The universe is constantly expanding and producing plenty of everything.   There is plenty of everything for everyone. And, as mentioned here in a previous article…“The supply cannot be depleted.”

It can be a hard concept to grasp because it is hard to visualize, but it is true.  As a universal principle, it governs us all, and indeed, the entire universe.

Some people question that if such bounty exists, why do so many people lack for what they want?  The answer is simple.  It is because they are not aware of how to use the Law of Abundance, or…they do not know that it exists. 

Doubt and skepticism are limiting actions.  They limit what you believe. Therefore, your actions are limited.  Doubt can be a self-fulfilling prophecy for failure.   People who believe in the Law of Abundance and work with it experience success.  That’s because they understand that the things they want already exist…and that it was their mindset that otherwise kept them from having what they wanted.

We often work against ourselves because we focus on the wrong things.  The particular law helps you hone your focus onto the right things, opening you up to receive from the universe.  Focusing on a lack of something is an example of focusing on the wrong thing.

Another reason that people lack for things is because they do not believe in themselves.  If you feel that you are destined to do without…that is another self-fulfilling prophecy, and you will continue to go without.  If you feel that you are not worthy, then you will not find life abundance.  If you think that nothing can ever improve, it never will.




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