The Power of Positive affirmations

Part 1 of 2

The Power of Positive affirmations plays a key role in how you feel about yourself.  All too often, we allow our perception of how others see us to define ourselves.  This is limiting…and puts a constraint on what you can accomplish.

The way you view yourself is the only perception that should really matter.  When you think less of yourself than you should…you’re setting yourself up for low self-esteem.  Self-empowering statements are a powerful tool for boosting your self-esteem, empowering yourself, and creating your own success.  Successful people know and understand this.  They have long used it as a tool for success.

When we doubt ourselves...

we tend to use negative self-talk.  It’s that little voice that tells us we are not good enough, or that a problem is bigger than we can handle.  When we give into negative self-talk, we allow our doubts to defeat us.  Defeat your doubts by combating negative with positive self-talk.  That is where the power of positive affirmations come into the picture. They are nothing more than positive self-talk.

When you consciously shift negative self-talk into positive, it helps to shift your entire perception of yourself…and this changes your whole attitude.  Any negative tendencies will fall to the wayside as they are replaced with healthier positive thinking.  When you stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I do”…you will begin moving steadily toward achieving your dreams and goals.

If you want better success...

or help to overcome and strengthen areas of yourself, or help boosting your self-esteem…then you’ll want to start practicing daily constructive affirmations.  By repeating statements daily, you are ingraining that declaration into your conscious and your subconscious thinking.  Soon, it becomes a reality.  This is how people use affirmations to achieve self-growth.

Affirmations are assertions of things that we find to be true.  They are called self-affirmations because they are written for you, by you; they are about you.  They are assertions of all of the good qualities that you have. 

For example, if you want to start thinking positively, you can use an affirmation similar to this: “I am positive.  I am a positive thinker.  I feel positive.  I act positive.”  After a while, thanks to the declarations, you will find that you are replacing your negative thoughts and actions with positive ones. That’s because those words of affirmations have helped you create and foster a positive thinking mindset. 

Believe it or not...

negative self-talk is very draining.  It saps your energy.  A negative attitude makes you feel tired and drained all day.  On the other hand, a positive mindset infuses you with energy.  There is a very strong mind-body connection…and positive affirmations help strengthen that connection in a good way. 

When we are thinking positive, we feel good, inside and out.  It shows in our words and our actions. It helps to motivate us to stay positive.

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